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Gambling Trivia

We have made the short selection of the most interesting facts about gambling that come from the history of casino games and some other facts relating the rules and statistics. Of course, this details are not of first importance for playing blackjack or other casino games wisely and cannot improve your strategy, yet we consider it to be very exciting. For more important Internet gambling issues refer to the popular gambling portals and look through our website.

So, do you know that:

- Roulette wheel was invented by the famous French mathematician Blaise Pascal. The idea of the roulette wheel occurred during the set of tests which were held by Blaise Pascal with the aim to create the perpetual motion machine. Certainly, the final construction and basic rules were changed later but still it is considered that the invention of the roulette game was made by the talented man.

- Four Kings pictures used in the usual deck represent the real kings of various times. King of clubs represents Alexander the Great, the King of spades is for well-known king David, and the King of diamonds is in fact Julius Caesar and Charles the Great is depicted by the King of hearts. What is more all the suits represent the different cultures: clubs is for Greece, suit of spades - for the Middle East, diamonds - for Rome and hearts - for the Roman Empire.

- The original slot machine was developed by Charles Fey in 1899 in San Francisco. The first slot machines were based on poker and had free beer or cigars as the payouts. Later on when the cards were replaced by different symbols all slots featured 3 drums each and most of the slots were called the "Bell Machines" because they had the Liberty Bell among the reel symbols.

- The original playing dice made of the animal bones were used just with the aim to forecast the future. Those fortunate cubes were the basic instrument to find the answers on the vital questions about the future and were used by shamans and foretellers. The oldest dice found by the scientists on the territory of Iraq were produced of the loam and are about 5,000 years old.

- The chips worth $2.50 are used at all the gambling venues in the United States just at blackjack tables.

- You must know, any kind of gambling causes addiction. In the United States, where there is the largest number of gamblers, about 24% people confirmed that they participated in different gaming activities.

- The first internet casino was founded in the mid 90s.

- The BAR symbol used at the classic slots came from the logotype of the Bell Fruit company that provided chewing gum prizes for slot machines. Furthermore, because the gums rewarded at slot machines had various fruit tastes all the machines were known as the "Fruit Machines".

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